Hygienic floor and wall systems
For the food and drink industry
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Great foundations

Before you buy hygienic flooring read our guide to getting it right first time.

  1. Look for a total solution

  2. If you are putting down a hygienic floor you want to do it once and make sure all aspects of the job are tackled at the same time. The job is often bigger than the floor itself. Think about drainage, is it adequate for your needs, do you need bollards or barriers or kerbs? We help our clients see beyond the flooring and provide free comprehensive advice from the start.

  3. Minimise downtime

  4. Downtime means lost production. So we arrange access to sites at weekends, bank holidays and during scheduled shutdowns to install flooring solutions and cause the least disruption to your production process.

  5. Pick a contractor who knows your market

  6. Consider using flooring experts who have worked in your industry for a long time. We know what sort of flooring suits the particular needs of the food and drink sector and have proven solutions for major companies. The dairy and brewing industries are special areas of strength.

  7. Choose a supplier who understands the legislation

  8. All floors need to comply with the necessary health and safety legislation, for example in the dairy industry this is focused on slip-resistance. Fats in process spillage increase the risk of slips, so any floor needs to have a slip-resistant surface that meets the requirements and recommendations of the HSE. The EEC now insists that all floors where foodstuffs are processed and produced should be impervious and easy to clean. We can help ensure you are 100% compliant.

  9. Focus on quality and expertise

  10. All our materials are sourced from the best suppliers who share our passion for quality. Products are then expertly installed by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work.

  11. Ask for on time, on budget delivery

  12. We have established our business by making sure every project comes in on schedule and on budget. That means we get plenty of repeat work from very satisfied customers.

Download this flooring guide

Need more advice on a major flooring project or challenge? Contact the Kemtile team at info@kemtile.co.uk and we will be pleased to help.