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Bakery Flooring

Hygiene, safety and longevity are amongst the most important factors when selecting any new floor surface for a bakery. With nearly 40 years’ experience working with all types of food processing companies, Kemtile has the necessary experience to advise both small and large bakeries on the best flooring solution to suit their specific environments.

The company can provide a one-stop shop for floors, drains and walls as well as any associated civils works - such as underground drainage connections and new structural concrete floors. All of Kemtile’s installations are carried out by its own trained personnel or approved subcontractors and include experienced site supervision and full health and safety compliance.

Types of flooring systems provided by Kemtile

Kemtile’s specialisms are the installation of KAGETEC vibration ceramic tiled floors - incorporating ARGELITH fully vitrified porcelain floor tiles - and UCRETE heavy duty polyurethane resin floors from BASF. In fact, the Kemtile is proud to be the world’s longest established licensed Ucrete installer as well as installers of the Kagetec systems for over 20 years.

Because Kemtile is one of the few companies can install both of these high-performance flooring systems, the company is well placed to advise bakery customers on the right flooring to meet their needs. This can result in combining the two systems, tiles and resin, to meet specific performance and cost requirements. Both finishes can be complemented by the installation of stainless steel drainage from Wiedemann-Technik, a leading supplier to the food industry for over 50 years. Kemtile is, in fact, the sole UK agent for these top quality drainage systems, which are often imitated but never matched.

Testimonials from customers

Key hygienic flooring considerations for a commercial bakery

  1. A concrete floor alone will not withstand the rigorous bakery process [SHOW MORE]
    As environments where foodstuffs are processed for consumption, floors in bakeries must be hygienic. They must be easy to clean and therefore impervious - another important hygiene criteria. Plain concrete floors cannot be classified as hygienic and can create dust that enters the atmosphere.
  2. It must be free from trip hazards, pot holes and cracks [SHOW MORE]
    Like all workplaces, bakeries have a duty of care to keep their staff safe and healthy, which includes reducing trip hazards. What’s more, cracks and pot holes also provide rough surfaces for dirt to cling to. And they are also difficult to clean, which creates an ideal environment for microbial growth. If left untreated, this too accelerates the deterioration of a concrete floor. Because of flour, oils and other bakery products that are spilt on the floor, it must also be slip resistant.
  3. It must have a hygienic surface and resistance to some chemicals [SHOW MORE]
    Floors must be chemically resistant as some ingredients, oils and cleaning chemicals used in the bakery industry can attack concrete. All hygienic floor surfaces must therefore provide this important level of protection to avoid potential costly remedial works.
  4. It must be able to withstand thermal shock [SHOW MORE]
    Bakery floors can be subject to extremes of heat, so any floor must be thermal shock resistant - especially so near ovens where hot racks maybe moved across the floor. This also highlights the need for the floor to be extremely durable and impact resistant.
  5. It must have excellent mains connected drainage [SHOW MORE]
    The correct drainage also plays a major part of any hygienic floor installation in a bakery and should be carefully considered at the start of the specification and design process. Drainage - although not extensive in bakeries – tends to be small gullies for general cleaning or channels in wash bays and around dividers. Drainage systems should be made of stainless steel for maximum hygiene and cleanability.

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