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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a set of answers to commonly asked questions about the flooring we supply and install, such as the colours available, durability, weight-bearing qualities and timescales for installation.

Do you supply and install both ceramic tile and resin flooring systems? Kemtile is one of the few companies that can install both of these types of flooring systems, which means we're well placed to advise customers on the right one to meet their needs. This often means combining both to meet specific performance and cost requirements. Both ceramic tile and resin flooring finishes can be complemented by the installation of stainless steel drainage from Wiedemann-Technik, a leading supplier to the food industry for over 50 years.
Why are your tiles different to any others? Our Kagetec ceramic floor tiling system is unique, not only in terms of its appearance, but also in how it's installed and the performance qualities it offers. Where possible, we only install 18mm thick mvtec tiles from German manufacturer Argelith with our Kagetec systems. The mvtec tiles are fully vitrified and extremely hard, which means that they're durable, making them an ideal tiling choice for hygienic food and drink manufacturing.
What colours are your resin floors available in? The standard range of resin flooring is available in eight colourways: red, yellow, orange, green, cream, grey, green-brown, and blue.
What colours do the tiles come in? Argelith ceramic tiles come in a range of colours including Arkona white, beige, cream-yellow, dark grey, and light grey.
How do I clean the floor? We provide bespoke cleaning recommendations for both resin and tiled floors as all applications vary.
Which chemicals will resin flooring resist? Resin flooring offers excellent chemical resistance from strong acids, the likes of acetic, lactic, oleic, citric and sodium hydroxide, as well as alkalis, fats, oils and solvents, all of which can rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring.
Will the floor withstand the weight of fork lift trucks? By working with only the highest quality suppliers, all of the flooring systems that we install. including drainage channels. are able to withstand the most rigorous manufacturing environments. This includes the constant wear and tear of fork lift trucks along with trollies, kegs and barrels, for example.
Can you provide a floor that can be removed easily at the end of my lease? Yes. For many of our customers, especially breweries, flooring and drainage specification is dictated by lease agreements, which usually stipulate that premises must be left in exactly the same condition as they were upon arrival. As most premises have a concrete floor, itself not able to withstand the demands of the rigorous brewing process, flooring is a necessary investment.
Which type of flooring is easiest to remove? We usually recommend our Kagetec ceramic floor tiling system in these situations as it is easier to remove than resin flooring.
Can you put resin flooring on top of tiles, or tiles on top of resin floors? Yes, we can, but each case is determined individually, and a site survey is required to determine the suitability of the underlying cement flooring as a base.
Is there a strong odour when installing flooring systems? Generally, not. We always try to use low odour, non-taint products where possible due to the environments that we work in.
What size gully do I need? The size of gulley would be determined by a site survey. It is usually determined by flow rates and size of outlet.
What size channel do I need? The size of channel would be determined by a site survey. It is usually determined by flow rates and size of outlet.
How quickly can you do the job? When can I use the floor? It really depends on the type of job and what the project entails. At Kemtile we do everything from minor weekend shutdown work to more extensive refurbishments and new builds. It is our bespoke approach to each project that sets us apart from our competition. Just tell us your timing requirements and we always try to meet them.
Which flooring is best for fitting in with a tight production deadline? We appreciate that it is not always easy to close production lines, which makes resin flooring in particular an excellent hygienic flooring solution when timescales are tight.
When will I get my quote? We always try to respond with a quote within seven days.
Is there a minimum size for a flooring projects you undertake? No, there isn't. No floor is too large or too small.

Need more advice on a major flooring project or challenge? Contact the Kemtile team and we will be pleased to help.