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Leading independent bottler appoints Kemtile

When a leading independent bottling business wanted to up-grade the floors and drains in the Upper Syrup Room of their Yorkshire plant they turned to Kemtile to propose suitable up to date, Food Grade systems to meet their exacting needs, that included completing the works over a ten-day shutdown period.

After extensive research into their operations, surveying and discussing in depth the proposed scope of works, Kemtile was appointed to undertake the installation of new drainage and install a suitable flooring system from the Stonhard range of flooring systems at the firm's prestigious facility.

As a leading independent bottler for retailers and beverage brands across Europe and North America, the company's brief to Kemtile was challenging, given the tight timescales and that the project also coincided with the installation of new equipment in other areas of the plant.

The existing Upper Syrup floor comprised of a 20-year-old tiled floor on a 100mm screed. This floor had already been previously repaired by others and the repairs hadn't been entirely successful. In addition, the tiles were causing slip issues for the operators in the area, a problem intensified by drainage that was not discharging sufficiently causing spillages to "pond" in the area. This was also exacerbated by the previous poor repairs.

The firm's initial approach to Kemtile was based on past experience, working relationships and shared contacts between both teams.

It was Kemtile's thorough site investigation, which included taking a core through the existing floor to determine exact thicknesses and identifying problems with the existing drainage, that initially impressed the bottler.

The existing tiles and screed bed were removed from the area using environmentally-friendly, food- safe, hybrid excavators and equipment. Petrol and diesel machinery could not be used in this beverage processing plant as is the case with most food and beverage facilities.

Where some of the existing processing tanks could not be removed, Kemtile designed and manufactured bespoke stainless steel "billets" to support them. This not only enhanced safety and aesthetics, but enables the equipment to be moved easily or be replaced at a later date.

A concrete perimeter detail was then cast around the internal perimeter walls and around the sensitive electrical control panels enabling the area to be totally waterproofed.

All the existing drainage gullies were replaced with new, but they were enhanced to allow better drainage of the area. Again to enhance the waterproofing the new drainage gullies incorporated membrane flanges. No further gullies were deemed necessary given that the modifications made to the existing were going to be beneficial and avoiding, at all costs, any "coring" through the structural concrete planks that support the floor.

After removal of the tiles and screed the exposed concrete planks were waterproofed with a flexible fast-curing polyurethane waterproofing membrane that was spray applied for a fast installation.

Following the installation of the waterproof membrane Kemtile then installed a heavy-duty waterproof co-polymer screed to bring back the levels in the area and create enhanced drainage "falls". When cured, the surface of the co-polymer was mechanically prepared and then overlaid with Stonclad UF in orange.

Stonclad UF is a heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed that provides excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, thermal shock and chemical attacks. This makes it an ideal specification choice for food and beverage facilities.

The Stonclad UF finish was complemented by the installation of Stonclad UR to the new and existing concrete perimeter up stands. Finally, expansion joints were cut and then sealed with Stonflex MP7

30th March 2021

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