Hygienic floor and wall systems
For the food and drink industry
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Drainage technology from Wiedemann-Technik

We are the sole UK agents for Wiedemann-Technik stainless steel drains and have been for several years.They are also favoured by Van Koetsveld & Grimberg GmbH, owners of Kagetec.

Developed and refined over 70 years, Weidemann-Technik drains and channels are recognised as the best available today. Designed and built without compromise, they reflect the company's philosophy to manufacture products that meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Using the best quality stainless steel ensures a long and hygienic service life, and provides a cost-effective drainage solution.

Drainage channels in the factory or production floor sustain a lot of hard wear. The channel in the floor is a natural break in the overall structure of the floor and as such has the potential to fail if not installed correctly due to the constant wear and tear of fork lift trucks moving over them every day.

The Wiedemann policy of continual consultation with customers on hygiene solutions has led to the development of an extensive range of products for the food and drink industry suitable for tiled or resin floors.

The range includes drains and covers, channels, as well as bespoke systems for specialist applications.