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For the food and drink industry
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Stainless Steel Kerbs

The high quality stainless steel kerbs Kemtile supply and install are designed and produced specifically for the food & drink industry. They are available up to 20 metres in length and have a standard cross section. Corners to walls and pillars are pre-formed in the factory. Modern factories demandthe highest standards of hygiene. Traditional tiled and resin floors are weakest at the point at which they meet the wall. A stainless steel kerbing system can offer impact resistance together with the hygiene standards required in these demanding environments.

Kemtile’s systems offer a unique stainless steel kerbing solution:

  • Stronger
  • Cleaner
  • Good looking
  • Long lasting

Kerbs can be fixed against existing walls, or where the facility is a large open space whichis divided into manufacturing areas, the kerbs act as demarcation.

The kerbs are fixed to the existing floor or prepared substrate with steel bolts and dowel pins and are then filled with concrete. They can also be used to form bunds within which the flooring is laid.

Different flooring systems and thicknesses can be laid either side of the kerb. All systems are based on one proven profile. A unique process offers longer lengths and straighter sections. Unsightly welds can be avoided in straight and accurate runs.