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High-performance resin flooring

Kemtile is a division of the internationally renowned resin flooring manufacturer, Stonhard. Since it became a Stonhard company in 2018, Kemtile now shares experience, contacts, insight and expertise to provide our customers with a wider choice of hygienic flooring and drainage solutions and services than ever before, and across even more sectors.

Having worked together for the last 40 years, Kemtile continues to design and install Ucrete resin flooring systems and is, in fact, the world's longest established installer of Ucrete products.

Stonhard Flooring

Stonhard manufactures and installs epoxy and polyurethane flooring wall and lining systems. Highly durable and easy to clean, they offer high performance in both industrial and commercial environments.


Stonclad is a urethane or epoxy floor screed that provides great protection for heavy-duty environments. It is highly resistant to impact and abrasion, handles heavy loads and withstands thermal stresses. It is also chemical-resistant resisting attacks from acids, alkalis and solvents, making it extremely durable. It is also fast curing, minimising the impact on your operation with varying degrees of surface texture, minimising injuries at workplace. Varying degrees of surface texture allow us to balance slip resistance with cleanability.


This textured floor screed is safe and easy-to-clean, offering great design flexibility and making it a popular specification choice for light manufacturing and commercial environments. It is also chemical-resistant and offers long-lasting protection against enzymes and bacteria. It comes in a wide variety of design and textures to make your concept become a reality.


Stonblend is a smart, smooth and stain-resistant commercial flooring system. Applied by trowel, this colour quartz system is available in a range of patterns and colour blends, which makes it suitable for a wide range of settings, from commercial premises to healthcare facilities. Thanks to its high performance, water-based polyurethane finish, it is stain, scratch, and UV-resistant, yet is a safe, VOC-free flooring screed. Being non-porous, Stonblend is a popular specification choice for the pharmaceutical, research and healthcare applications. Available with recycled glass formulation, it can provide an environmentally-friendly flooring solution.


A great looking flooring screed for public spaces, it combines distinctive design with function and durability. It is also anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, smooth, ergonomic and sound-absorbing, making it a popular choice for healthcare and educational environments. It is also available in traditional or custom designs, with special formulations available for hospital, operating theatre and pharmaceutical flooring.


Stontec is a dense, stain-resistant, epoxy and urethane-based industrial flooring, which is available in a wide range of flake finishes and colour options and gloss, satin or matt finish. Ideal for quick installation, Stontec flooring systems can be in installed within two days, minimising downtime for refurbishments and saving critical time on new construction projects while offering exceptional design options. It's a popular specification choice for pharmaceutical flooring, as well as retail and university flooring.


Stonlux is an ultra-smooth, light-reflecting, chemical and impact-resistant floor screed. It is a popular choice for those environments requiring anti-static and low-friction flooring solutions. It comes in a choice of conductivity ranges to meet specific static control requirements and standards as well as clean room standards down to Class 100, laboratories, electronics manufacturing, assembly areas and computer or data centres. Its available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses for varying degrees of traffic and durability.


Stongard offers many safety flooring benefits including resistance to fire, abrasion, and impact, making it an ideal specification choice for mechanical equipment rooms, car parks and garages. It also provides superior waterproofing moisture protection, greatly improving safety by reducing slips and falls. It is also highly durable against harsh elements such as the sun, salts and corrosive fluids.

Ucrete Polyurethane Seamless FLooring

Ucrete is a popular brand of polyurethane flooring used within food and beverage manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Properties of Ucrete

Ucrete polyurethane screeds are moisture tolerant and can be installed onto three-day-old polymer concrete screeds and seven-day-old concrete, allowing tight installation programmes to be achieved. Ucrete is resistant to a wide range of process and cleaning chemicals, such as acetic acid, lactic acid, oleic acid, citric acid and sodium hydroxide. It is readily available in a range of smooth and slip resistant textured finishes to minimise the risk accidents in the workplace.

Ucrete UD200 Polyurethane Screed

Ucrete UD200 can be installed at 6 to 9mm and 12mm thicknesses depending on traffic and environment requirements. It is widely installed in food and drinks process facilities due to non-taint during its application in live-process facilities, making it a safe choice for weekend and maintenance work. At 12mm thickness, Ucrete UD200 is resistant to 150 degrees of thermal shock. The use of a calcined flint aggregate enables the surface texture to be maintained for periods in excess of 10 years.

Ucrete UD200/SR Polyurethane Screed

Ucrete UD200/SR offers the same benefits of Ucrete UD200 but provides a high textured profile which minimises slips when liquid spillages occur on the surface. It is also suitable in greasy or fatty environments and provides a surface coefficient of friction of 50-60 in the wet when tested by the TRRL pendulum method.

Ucrete MT

Ucrete MT has a medium duty textured finish and can be installed at 4mm and 6mm thicknesses, making it ideal for use in less arduous environments such as packing areas or engineering workshops.

Mastertop heavy to medium duty Polyurethane Screed

Mastertop polyurethane screed uses the same unique chemistry as the other BASF polyurethane screed systems. Installed at 6-9mm thickness it provides a cost-effective alternative to budget systems in today's marketplace. Its unique benefits and features outweigh those of its competitors and is available in a range of colours.

Ucrete HPQ Decorative Polyurethane Screed

Ucrete HPQ is available in a wide range of standard colours, and the use of epoxy-coated coloured quartz aggregates scattered into the wet polyurethane base coat provides a decorative and slip resistant finish. It can be installed at 4mm and 6mm thicknesses, depending on the environment and use. The polyurethane technology enables the system to be applied to early aged concrete and does not have unpleasant odours associated with MMA systems.

Ucrete MF and MF/AS

Ucrete MF and Ucrete MF/AS are installed at 4mm and 6mm thicknesses and have a smooth surface which is ideal in dry areas where ease of cleaning and durability are a requirement. Ucrete MF/AS has been designed to control static electricity in aggressive solvent environments, and where there is a risk of explosion, and conforms to test methods EN1081/DIN VDE 0100-610.

Ucrete DP and DP/AS

Ucrete DP is a suite of products providing defined, consistent surface profiles with three different surface textures DP10, DP20 and DP30 which satisfy the level of slip resistance in a variety of industries and may be installed at 4mm, 6mm and 9mm thicknesses. Ucrete DP is dense, impervious and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. All grades conform to HSE Food Document No 22 [slips and trips]. Ucrete DP10/AS has been designed to control static electricity and conforms to EN1081

Ucrete Fast Polyurethane Flooring Systems

Ucrete Fast allows floor repairs and large refurbishments to be carried out quickly, allowing floors to be returned back to service at minimal cost, and with the least amount of disruption and down time. This system allows floors to be returned to service in as little as five hours at 10C. The moisture tolerant Ucrete chemistry allows difficult to dry wet areas to be accommodated, and being non-tainting allows neighbouring production processes to continue uninterrupted.

Ucrete IF (Iron Filled)

Ucrete IF is a polyurethane concrete resin screed with metal aggregates and is installed at 9-12mm thickness or greater. The thickness is determined by the specific environment, especially the severity of abrasion and impact. It is suitable for floors subject to heavy traffic, continuous wear such as loading docks, heavy maintenance or engineering facilities, where steel-wheeled vehicles are used, for example in front of rack ovens in bakeries or waste transfer stations.