Hygienic floor and wall systems
For the food and drink industry
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Ceramic floors

Kagetec tiling systems are engineered in Germany by Van Koetsveld & Grimberg GmbH. Kemtile are the exclusive UK applicator for Kagetec Tiling Systems The Kagetec basic system (BS) is the equal of, if not superior to any vibration fixed tiling system available in the UK.

Argelith Bodenkeramik

Kemtile has been working with Argelith since 2007 and has developed a strong working relationship with the German company.

Argelith’s classic hexagonal tiles are extremely dense and vitrified, making them durable with very low water absorption, which makes them the ideal choice for hygienic environments such as food and drink manufacturing.

Kagetec GFK

This is the system that is used on the majority of Kemtile projects. The combination of vibration tiling and a plastic mesh reinforced epoxy adhesive layer between the tiles and the bedding medium makes the GFK system one of the toughest floors available.

Every tile is encased in epoxy resin. If the grout is damaged the tile bedding is protected. It is ideal for very wet areas due to its totally impervious substrate. A typical Kagetec GFK floor is between 80 and 90mm thick including the tile.

Kagetec BS (Basic System)

Economic and hygienic tiled floor system. Quick installation. High mechanical and load-bearing properties.

Kagetec AR

Able to withstand the extremes of thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses. Laid directly onto power floated concrete slabs. Minimum increase in floor levels.

Kagetec RP

Existing floors are prepared and overlaid. No removal of existing finishes, minimal dust screens required. Rapid installation - no long curing times. Minimum disruption to the adjacent working environment.

Kagetec AS

Anti-static. Specifically for use in industries where build up of static electricity must be avoided such as pharmaceutical or electronics industries.

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