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Brioche Pasquier Uk

Brioche Pasquier’s (BPUK) new Bakery Plant in Milton Keynes was successfully completed using Kagetec AR. The unique Kagetec AR System is capable of withstanding thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses and will therefore require very little maintenance besides cleaning and offer a long term flooring solution.

The brief

BPUK required a specific tiled flooring solution that was in keeping with the floors installed in their other plants located throughout France and Spain as well as America - specifically in terms of tile design and colour and most importantly service life.

What we did

Kemtile recommended its Kagetec AR Ceramic floor tiling system, which uses 18mm thick Argelith MV-Tech hexagonal ceramic floor tiles. Sample boards were provide to confirm that the specific design and colour criteria could be achieved and senior BPUK representatives were visited other local installations where the Kagetec flooring system had been installed. After assurances from these reference visits that the Kagetec floors had not had to be repaired and had performed as specified, BPUK ordered the Kagetec AR system for the new 6000m2 bakery. It was laid throughout the plant including the mixing hall, main hall, silo area and plant rooms.

Kemtile also specified and installed doorway protection bollards from Panel Chok – providing excellent protection against vehicle impact and damage at the manufacturing plant.


Eric Jouet, Industrial and Operations Director at Brioche Pasquier UK, said: “We were impressed with Kemtile’s quality of product, level of skill during installation and vast experience and expertise during the entire process – from specification right through to aftercare. These factors – combined with the fact that we were able to see the flooring in action elsewhere prior to installation at our new UK plant – made our specification decision very straightforward. We could only have possibly worked with Kemtile."