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Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery is the latest leading brewer to choose Kemtile to install its hygienic flooring and drainage systems at its new build production facility. The move will enable the it to increase its capacity, which had become limited at its previous original location under the railway arch premises in Camden. At the new production plant at Navigation Park in Enfield, the brewer will achieve an extended output and range made possible by its bigger canning and bottling line. The brewery is now able to make its full range of beers fridge friendly – meeting market demand now and in the future.

The brief

Camden Town Brewery’s brief required the installation of a durable, slip and chemical resistant flooring solution with first-class drainage capabilities at its new production plant.

What we did

Kemtile recommended a combination of Kagetec ceramic floor tiling systems flooring systems to meet the varying requirements of different areas of the brewery. Its design plans saw the installation of 4000m2 – or some 400,000 - Kagetec AR ceramic tiles. Kagetec BS was installed to the flat areas of floor due to its quick installation and high mechanical and load-bearing properties.

And due to its totally impervious substrate - making it ideal for these very wet areas - the Kagetec GFK system was also specified for drainage areas. GFK installation combines vibration tiling with a plastic mesh reinforced epoxy adhesive layer between each tile and bedding to achieve one of the toughest floor finishes available.

Drainage at Camden Town Brewery was a key project focus and enabled Kemtile to truly showcase its sectoral experience and expertise. Initial design plans – that featured substantial falls and minimal drainage - were significantly altered by Kemtile to include a tremendous amount of long floor gulley Wiedemann-Technik stainless steel drains installed to falls. As a result, Kemtile installed 350m of stainless steel drainage channels from German manufacturers Wiedemann-Technik. Each was made-to-measure and welded in-situ for maximum durability to sustain constant wear and tear as a natural break in the floor’s overall structure.

Kemtile returned to the site following the installation of the equipment and mezzanine floor to amend and repair certain areas in line with the subsequent changes.


Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery, said: “We heavily researched hygienic flooring installers during the planning stages of the Enfield new build project and Kemtile’s experience and sectoral credentials immediately impressed us.

“So we called the company, discussed our requirements and were confident to progress to site visits and specification. The quality of products and service provided by Kemtile throughout the four-month project period was second to none. “The team then returned to the site once all of the equipment was installed to make any necessary repairs and ensure that the flooring design was amended to meet the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.”

David Priest of Kemtile said: “Camden Town Brewery is the latest in a long line of projects within the sector and is yet another great brand to add to our credentials. It provided us with a whole host of challenges and opportunities, which enabled us to showcase our end-to-end project capabilities, bespoke approach and quality offering. We were obviously delighted to meet the brewery’s exact requirements and to support its strategic growth plans.”