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Colston Bassett

Colston Bassett Dairy, manufacturers of award-winning traditional Blue Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheeses, required a new hygienic floor and drainage for their new maturation extension.

Customer Name:
Colston Bassett Dairy, Leicestershire

Business Sector:

Seamless Floor

Kemtile was awarded the contract for the installation of a BASF heavy duty polyurethane floor, following the previous successful replacement of the drainage and floor in the dairy's Hastening Room, a contract awarded on the strength of its sector expertise.

The requirements of the dairy

It was essential that the flooring solution specification in the extension could withstand the rigors of a busy dairy manufacturing and processing environment. This includes the ability to withstand attack from lactic acid in milk, which will destroy concrete floors unless it is adequately protected by a chemically resistant floor finish.

Installation of drainage gullies

As part of the overall scheme, Kemtile supplied its Wiedemann DRS stainless steel floor gullies, which were installed by Colston Bassett's main builder during the installation of the main floor slabs. Wiedemann stainless steel gullies are the ideal partner for Kemtile's hygienic floors, because they are made from 304 grade stainless steel, they have an integral odour trap and trash basket. Their design also ensures that they will withstand heavy traffic loads.

Seamless floor polyurethane protection

The new concrete floor was roughened by Von Arx Scabbling. This process removed any laitance and created a textured surface rough surface onto which BASF's MasterTop 1317 was installed over a total floor area of 840 square metres. This BASF heavy duty polyurethane floor screed system was selected for its hygienic and chemical resistant properties as well as its strength, wear and slip resistance. The installation included a 50mm radius at the interface between the floor and the wall, which aids cleaning and reinforces the hygienic properties of the installation.

Working in partnership with the dairy

Billy Kevan, Colston Bassett Dairy Manager, said: "With such strong credentials in the dairy sector, Kemtile was an obvious choice of hygienic flooring partner for the expansion our production facility."

David Priest of Kemtile, said: "This project set challenges which required a total design solution and showcased our product range and craftsmanship. We were delighted to work with Colston Bassett Dairy as it shares our commitment to quality and attention to detail to our work. Needless to say we’re most pleased to be able to support its strategic growth with this flooring solution."