Hygienic floor and wall systems
For the food and drink industry
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Market sectors we serve

We provide high quality hygienic flooring for a wide variety of different industries and organisations. We have special expertise and many years of experience in the following sectors:

Meat Processing

Kemtile is able to advise both large and small meat processing companies on full flooring systems - providing a one-stop shop for flooring and drainage specifications all installed by our skilled in-house teams.


Often for breweries, flooring and drainage specification is dictated by lease agreements, which usually stipulate that premises must be left in exactly the same condition as they were upon arrival. As most premises have a concrete floor, itself not able to withstand the demands of the rigorous brewing process, flooring is a necessary investment.


With nearly 40 years’ experience working with all types of food processing companies, Kemtile has the necessary experience to advise both small and large bakeries on the best flooring solution to suit their specific environments.


Because dairy floors are subject to all types of spillages, be it water, milk, brine, whey or other by-products and caustic cleaning solutions, floors must be slip resistant and, very importantly, chemical resistant.