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Tiled and resin hygienic floors for confectionery manufacture

When considering flooring finishes for confectionery processing facilities, hygiene, safety and durability should be high on any checklist. With some 40 years' experience working with all types and sizes of confectionery producers across the UK, Kemtile has the necessary experience to advise on the best flooring solutions to suit what can be very onerous environments.

A one-stop flooring solution

Kemtile offers a complete installation service, providing a one-stop solution for flooring, drainage, wall coverings and any associated civils works such as underground connections and new structural concrete floors. Customers also enjoy the added peace of mind that all of Kemtile’s installations are carried out by its own trained personnel, includes experienced site supervision, and full health and safety compliance.

Types of flooring systems designed and installed by Kemtile

Kemtile has been the UK's only applicator of the unique Kagetec vibration tiling system for over 20 years. It is also the world's longest established licensed applicator of UCRETE heavy duty polyurethane resin floors from BASF. Because Kemtile is one of the few companies can install both high-performance floor coverings, it is well placed to advise customers on the right flooring to meet their exact needs.

Gullies and drainage

Both finishes are usually complemented with stainless steel drainage from Wiedemann-Technik. Kemtile is the sole UK agent for the quality German supplier, whose impressive food and beverage industry credentials span over 50 years.

Key considerations for the confectionery production industry

Flooring must be hygienic

Flooring in confectionery processing environments must be hygienic and easy to clean. Plain concrete floors are not classified as hygienic.

Floors must provide adequate slip-resistance

In the confectionery production process, where liquids are frequently spilt on the floor, flooring must also be slip resistant.

Floors must be chemically resistant

As many confectionery ingredients and cleaning products can attack concrete, all flooring must be chemically resistant. Failure to provide this level of protection can lead to contamination and costly remedial works.

Floors must be thermal shock resistant.

Floors in confectionery plants can be subject to extremes of heat, so coverings must be thermal shock resistant.

The floor needs proper drainage.

Drainage plays a major part of any hygienic floor installation and should be considered at the start of the specification and design process. For maximum hygiene and cleanability, the flooring in confectionery processing should be made for high-quality stainless steel.

Kemtile's confectionery industry customers

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