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Hygienic floors for pharmaceutical environments

Kemtile advises pharmaceutical manufacturing plants on complete floor systems, providing a one-stop shop for site surveys, specification, design, groundworks, drainage, site supervision, health and safety compliance and installation by our skilled in-house teams. At Kemtile, we install sterile, easy to clean resin flooring and wall coverings to meet the unique requirements of pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing environments

Floors for processing, packaging, labs and clean rooms

Using Stonhard products, we design and install floor and wall finishes and drainage systems for processing, packaging, laboratories and cleanrooms all of which demand floors that can perform. They must be chemical, impact, abrasion resistant and capable of being scrubbed and fumigated which minimises costs of repair and site shut down. Sometimes flooring must be anti-static to safely ground or disperse the accumulation of electro-static charge.

Chemical resistant flooring for pharmaceutical businesses

The hygienic flooring and drainage solutions that Kemtile provides are sterile to improve contamination control, non-slip to protect employees and visitors, and anti-static to provide superior static control. The floorings are chemical-resistant with a range of specific coatings to resist process chemicals, including fibreglass reinforced waterproof membranes for wet process areas. They are resistant to impact and easy to clean. No waxing is required, which reduces maintenance costs. The flooring is a CGMP-compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) systems and fitted using low VOC (Volatile Organic Compunds) compounds.

A wide range of styles

A wide choice of colours and decorative blends and finishes are available to meet every performance requirement and aesthetic demand. Stonhard flooring products are also suitable for fast-track installation, whether that's for refurbishment or new-build.

Kemtile's pharmaceutical industry customers

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If you are a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and need some help with your industrial flooring, tiling, or drainage, please contact us to discuss your requirements and which flooring options are best for you.

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