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Durable brewery floor

Beer is older than you think. The Egyptians and the Romans drank it, and in the Middle Ages the monasteries provided ordinary folk with a beverage which was less likely to kill them than the drinking water.

More recently, beer drinking became a more recreational pursuit than a necessity of life, though some hardened beer drinkers today might argue that particular point.

Whichever way you look at it, beer is embedded in modern culture at a deep and complex level. The beer you drink reflects the person you are, the occasion, or even the time of day. And with the explosion of the craft beer industry there really is a beer for every occasion, whether your taste is for a light, fruity pale ale, or a dark, full bodied porter.

It’s an amazing fact that the enormous variety of beers available all carry the same four ingredients — malted barley, hops, yeast and water. However, it’s the brewmaster’s skill, experience and imagination that creates the drink we know and love.

The other ingredient in producing beer, be that handcrafted or mass produced, is a hygienic, durable and safe environment. Beer production involves liquids at extreme temperatures, chemical reactions, waste materials, and unavoidable spillages. The working environment of a brewery puts fermentation vessels, piping and particularly the floor to a rigorous test. That’s why brewers put their trust in professional flooring contractors who know which products work in these environments and who have the experience and skill to fit flooring to the highest standards.

However, modern breweries are not all about mash tuns and fermentation, increasingly they are social spaces, inviting visitors to sample the brews they have watched being made on a tour. Breweries feature retail spaces, a restaurant, and let’s not forget a pub. These spaces require a more vibrant floor with aesthetic appeal.

Kemtile has extensive experience working with brewers including Cloudwater Brew Co and Meantime Brewing Company to provide flooring solutions for all areas of the brewery.

It takes experience to know if tiles or a polyurethane screed would be the best solution for a particular environment in a brewery, similarly it takes years of experience to fit the flooring to provide a safe and clean environment.

The answer is to use a company who can offer a total solution taking in drainage, bollards and the correct flooring, minimising downtime and ensuring the floor is fit for purpose for many years.

Like brewing beer, installing floors involves a few vital ingredients, but many years’ experience.


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