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Bollards and guardrails

Manuel Tortajada is the Territory Manager for Spanish bollards and guardrails manufacturer Panelchok, a business partner of Kemtile.

Based in Valencia, Panelchok has been designing and manufacturing high density polyethylene systems for use in high and low care hygiene facilities for over 30 years.

Manuel says: “I work in the export department, looking after the requirements of clients in markets such as Benelux, Scandinavia and the UK, where Kemtile is the sole UK flooring contractor and distributor of our system.

“We export to most of Europe, and we have expanded to serve markets in South America and Russia.

“My role involves developing new markets and business in different countries; something I find extremely fulfilling.”

Manuel is keen to point out the key features of the Panelchok system, explaining: “Our products are designed specifically for the food & drink sector where hygiene and health & safety requirements are important.

“Panelchok systems are manufactured from high density polyethylene so they never rust or need repainting, and they are yellow, so highly visible. They are also self-leveling, low maintenance, easy to assemble, and they have no sharp edges or corners.

“Using high density polyethylene means whatever Panelchok product you choose, the impact is absorbed by the system. Our systems also have minimum spacing for maximum protection in a collision.”

Manuel continues: “Our products have a special assembly system using a single threaded rod and are solid (rather than tube formed), which sets them apart from our competitors. Panelchok systems are stronger and cause less damage to floors, both when installing them and in a collision. We also conduct rigorous impact tests which translates to a better end product.”

Panelchok also manufacture hygienic cladding for the global food & drink industry. Manuel adds: “Our range carries the certificate of hygiene CE mark and the European standard (Bs2d0) fire resistance, so our clients know they have the best possible products.”

According to Manuel, Panelchok’s relationship with Kemtile and the UK food & drink manufacturing industry is about quality of service. He explains: “We have developed our relationship with Kemtile in the UK because they share our belief in a quality product and great service. We are growing together in the UK market and I hope the relationship will go from strength to strength.”


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