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David Cattell

Technical Consultant
Kemtile UK

David has a massive 54 years industry experience, 18 of which are with Kemtile, and has expertise in vibration tiling, UCRETE flooring and resins generally. David's favourite projects involve vibration tiling contracts. He says: "As someone who remembers the 50mm thick pavior floors, and the conventionally hand laid extruded and pressed tile floors of the 1960s, 70s and 80s and earlier, the vibration tiling system gives me the most satisfaction. This is partly because I was influential in bringing the vibration method of tiling to the UK from Germany, and training and advising companies in its early techniques. I believe the development of the vibration tiling system has now peaked and Kemtile is at the forefront. The laws of physics and manufacturing limitations mean it is highly unlikely to get any better than today."